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Red Chamber
Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, Middle Mall, 6th Road, Hyde Park , 2196 Johannesburg

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"Best Chinese Food Ever!!!!!"

food: 10 service: 10 ambience: 10
Excellent service from the time you step in the door, to the time you step out! Friendly and professional staff. And above all absolutely amazing food. If you haven't had the spicy cucumber you haven't lived yet!!!!!

"Red Chamber - missing the boat"

food: 6 service: 6 ambience: 3
Firstly Red Chamber has moved within the Hyde Park centre and the new premises have very little ambience. I feel that restuarant week gives the restaurants the opportunity to showcase their top dishes to clientele who would not generally frequent their establishment - here the Red Chamber has missed the bost completely. If we study the normal menu on the website our meals were costed on-par. The choices were not that great, for example a starter of cucumber salad is not acceptable! (BTW only cucumber in the salad). All in all I will not be returning.

"Red chamber lunch "

food: 10 service: 8 ambience: 7
The food was delicious and I will be back.
food: 9 service: 9 ambience: 8
The waitress was fantastic and so friendly. The food was excellent. I would surely recommend The Red Chamber and can't wait to go back.
food: 9 service: 8 ambience: 7
It was divine! The Beef strips in plum chilli sauce – YUM! And the coffee. Someone has taught them to make good Italian coffee.
food: 4 service: 4 ambience: 4
I booked the Red Chamber because I was told that this was the best Chinese restaurant in Johannesburg. Unfortunately I was really disappointed, the service was poor, the set menu didn't feel like fair value given the quality of the food. When we asked to see the main menu the staff were rude and unhelpful and the menu confusing. I wouldn't eat here again.