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"Restaurant Week - Chaplin's"

food: 8 service: 7 ambience: 4
Location, staff and cuisine promised a pleasant experience. This was however detracted from by a "Spur" style birthday celebration with singing staff and sparkles on a cake. To end the evening off, the Don Pedro tasted like an ice-cream milkshake and the Kahlua Coffee like coffee sans Kahlua, which I brought to the attention of the table staff.

"Delicious, as always"

food: 8 service: 7 ambience: 7
The food is always excellent at Chaplin's Grill. Restaurant Week proved no different. Steak cooked to perfection, with the best carrot cake I have had in a long time for dessert! My date had the stuffed pork fillet and said it was excellent. The tart for starters was also tasty. I highly recommend. The atmosphere was relaxed but pleasant, and the service was good too.


food: 5 service: 3 ambience: 1
In my opinion the concept of Restaurant week is for these restaurants to showcase their signature dishes and service at an affordable rate. Chaplins Grill failed in this regard. it was as if they were unaware of the booking, the staff did not know what restaurant week was, i feel it was overpriced given that other restaurants provide at least a 2 course meal for lunch. Disappointing!!!!


food: 4 service: 2 ambience: 1
Our waiter was friendly, but did not know what Restaurant week was or the menu for it. We were expecting at least 2 courses (our experience at the other restaurants we went to), got only one, so feel a bit ripped off. Food was ok, but took very long to get to our table, resulting in very dry pork. Wine very overpriced.

"wonderful time at Chaplin's Grill"

food: 8 service: 10 ambience: 10
I had dinner with my husband and some friends at Chaplin's Grill last night, and what a wonderful time we had! Fantastic food, great service, and an overall warm and inviting atmosphere. We will definitely be back!


food: 4 service: 6 ambience: 1
The dinner was nothing special. We felt it wad expensive for a tomato tart and a pork roll.