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About Shimmy Beach Club

Whether you’re looking for a venue to wine and dine the night away or somewhere to enjoy the sunshine with a cocktail in hand, you’ll find your pleasure at Shimmy. Our restaurant offers a number of delectable menu choices and our stylish bars present a variety of drinking experiences.

Culinary master Seelan Sundoo is the ex-head chef of the Grand and Reserve Brasserie. An interpretation of Italian and French with Asian and Cape influences describes his culinary approach. He loves working with fresh produce and relishes in keeping dishes simple, although never lacking in extraordinary flavour.

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"Dining Experience"

6.3 Food: 8 Service: 4 Ambience: 7
Although food was of limited quantity under the Restaurant Week special, the calamari starter and fish mains (yellowtail) was really great. Waitron was not aware of Restaurant Week? Service was too slow in the beginning as we had been seated for about 20 -25 minutes before our waitron was summonsed to obtain some drinks. It did improve thereafter however our waitron was seldom seen. The atmosphere was good although a bit noisy so guess not really suited to a quiet romantic dinner. Enjoyable though.
Richard Cerfonteyn - Tuesday 04/11/2014

"night out at Shimmy's"

5.7 Food: 5 Service: 6 Ambience: 6
When we arrived we were seated and given menu's, I needed to ask about the restaurant of the week menu...then the starters took very long to come, but that was our best meal of the night...cocktails were great but pricy... the main was disappointing as mayo was like butter, desert was the worse meal of the night...staff was not very informative about the venue it self...beautiful location and outside area, but for dining no...
Roshiena - Monday 03/11/2014

"Better as a club, than as a restaurant"

6.7 Food: 6 Service: 8 Ambience: 6
I made a reservation at the Shimmy Beach Club during the Restaurant Week. I heard a lot of good stories about the place, so I went there with some expectations. The location At first I thought we were driving in the wrong direction, but luckily the building is clearly visible (once your at the end of the dock) with the special lighting on the outside. Parking space was reasonable, but I can imagine that it can get a little crowded during busier periods. The staff We were welcomed by a friendly lady at the front desk. She offered us to have some drinks in the lounge first, but we asked her if she could bring us straight to our table. That wasn't a problem. Unfortunately we were placed in the middle of 3 large groups (of about 30 people), while the rest of the restaurant was empty. I actually had to yell to my partner, so that he could hear me. So, just as a suggestion for the staff... next time, don't put small tables between huge groups. It kind of ruined the coziness and relaxed atmosphere for me. Our waiter for the evening was very polite and we had no complaints about him at all. The food We had the choice of a 2-course meal. You could choose Starter/Main, or Main/Dessert. Me and my partner both choose for the Main/Dessert. I had the line-fish as a main and the chocolate 3-ways as a dessert. The fish was very nice, but it was placed on top of the chips. Although it looked very nice, it caused the chips to be very soft and wet. The dessert was very nice, with all the different kinds of chocolate taste. All in all, it was a reasonable evening. But I think I'd rather spend my day drinking cocktails at Shimmy Beach Club... As a restaurant, it could do better.
Friso - Tuesday 28/10/2014

"Restaurant Week"

9.3 Food: 9 Service: 10 Ambience: 9
The got their act together. Thanks to the restaurantweek concept we decided to give it another try. Not expecting the best we were surprised in how they've changed in their service and quality food. We'll be back. Thanks for a great evening!
Dorris - Monday 27/10/2014

"Enjoyed - Will return soon"

8.7 Food: 8 Service: 10 Ambience: 8
Food and drinks are expensive , but it's a lovely place. A large venue with different areas serving different purposes, you could come here for any occasion
Angela - Monday 27/10/2014


10.0 Food: 10 Service: 10 Ambience: 10
Shimmy is absolutely outstanding! You have to try the chocolate three ways dessert - I would sell my soul for this dessert!
Tarryn - Friday 24/10/2014

"Worth shimmying over"

8.0 Food: 8 Service: 9 Ambience: 7
Shimmy has made good use of the winter months, emerging from hibernation with a new look and a new menu. Up until now I've always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the place - appreciative of its undeniable surrounds, but sceptical about its perceived pretentiousness. But the new version of Shimmy seems much improved on all fronts - the menu is enticing, the service is warm and friendly and the setting spectacular. The starter calamari was perfectly prepared, the linefish (yellowtail) immaculately cooked and the three-way chocolate....I can't imagine any other three way being that enjoyable. Oozing chocolate fondant paired with mint choc ice cream and decadent mousse...well it was just as good as it sounded. A perfect finish to a pleasantly surprising evening at Shimmy.
Robert Shone - Friday 24/10/2014


7.7 Food: 8 Service: 7 Ambience: 8
Quite suprised about the quality of the food! For most, Shimmy is a place to dance and drink, not eat. For me too, so I had expected the focus of the place to be on just that and not on the food. But, I was pleasantly surprised! We shared some pizza's as a starter and had the seafood platter to share too. A big feast. Just one tip for the interior designer: why the big tables? The restaurant area is already quite noisy and if you sit so far apart, your dinner looses intimacy. Other than that, a happening and vibrant place, beautiful people, a luxury feel... in short: a great night out.
Jan Hanekom - Wednesday 15/05/2013


8.7 Food: 9 Service: 8 Ambience: 9
My new favourite place in Cape Town... Finally a beach club like in the south of France. Amazing menu including the best thin pizza's in town, fresh sushi or great variety in menu. Good service and best beach beds if the sun allows. Pitty they covered the area with all the couches as missing out on the sun but understandible. Can highly suggest!
Patrick de Bree - Tuesday 02/04/2013


7.3 Food: 7 Service: 7 Ambience: 8
Shimmy is something the city was missing. It is a beach club (something you hardly find in Cape Town) with great cocktails, nice food and stunning view. Nice during the day if you want to relax.
Jan-Willem Loor - Tuesday 02/04/2013


8.7 Food: 9 Service: 7 Ambience: 10
We had dinner at Shimmy's last week Wednesday. Nice crowd, very good food and friendly service. The main course arrived while we were still enjoying the first course and the question was: 'would you like us to keep it warm for you' This was quiete a funny question.... besides the service that could be better this is a FANTASTIC addition to the Cape Town range of restaurants and especially as the best beach club the city has to offer! The place to be...
Tertius van Oosthuyzen - Tuesday 02/04/2013

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Shimmy Beach Club
South Arm Road
8002 Cape Town
Phone: 021-2007778

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Cuisine Seafood
Location V&A Waterfront
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Monday closed 11:00 - 17:00 19:00 - 23:00
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