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The Odyssey Gastropub
199 Bree Street , 8001 Cape Town

​Welcome to the Odyssey Gastropub. An ode to the Heritage of the Cape, an iconic destination on the global shipping routes. While the journey itself was an Odyssey, with the Cape providing a fundamental source of fresh produce and relaxation after months at sea, we believe that the making of any good produce is an Odyssey in itself, be it wine in a barrel, a cow in the meadow or a carrot in the earth.

Our vision in being your 'local', is to provide both food and drink that is produced using ingredients sourced locally. Come and enjoy a selection of locally crafted beers, our favourite cape wines and classic pub dishes brought to life by using simply the best sourced local produce around.

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food: 6 service: 10 ambience: 10
The service was excellent and it was a treat to have live music at the same time. Great venue too. The butternut and sage ravioli was gorgeous but the chicken was dry. I was actually hoping to try a menu closer to what the Oddesey Pub is famous for.

"Odyssey Gastropub"

food: 10 service: 10 ambience: 10
This is our 3rd year trying out different restaurants taking part in this CT Restaurant week. A "pub" with a fine dinning twist and a warm atmosphere. Food and services was great. A overall lovely evening out on the town.

"Odyssey Gastropub"

food: 8 service: 10 ambience: 8
We had a wonderful evening at the restaurant, the staff were friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was good. We thought the food was excellent, the only let down was the cheesecake which was frozen and a bit difficult to eat. We queried it and were told that it was supposed to be frozen (an italian cheesecake) which is fine, but just not what we were expecting. But otherwise everything was absolutely delicious. We found the tables very small and quite close together, but otherwise a lovely restaurant with a lovely vibe. Will definitely be back.

"Top class venue and food"

food: 9 service: 10 ambience: 10
The food was divine and the vibe was great. I will recommend this place far and wide!

"Pub Food."

food: 8 service: 7 ambience: 8
First real experience of having a pub meal. Lekker vibe for a group meal of +-10-15 friends to drink and eat and even enjoy a sports game. The Springbok Carpaccio with pepperdews, strawberries, parmesan and chilli was delicious and the highlight of my 3 courses. The Sirloin was done the way I asked but lacked seasoning in my opinion and the lack of veggies was missed. The sticky toffee pud was average and didn't really stand out. Service was friendly and efficient.

"Restaurant Week 2014"

food: 8 service: 10 ambience: 10
We loved the atmosphere and the service was great! (we didn't like the menu for restaurant week, because it had pork belly as a main and I don't eat it. so it created a bit of a uncomfortable situation, but the waiter was excellent and managed to accommodate us.)