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Mondiall Kitchen & Bar in Cape Town

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About Mondiall Kitchen & Bar

Cape Town’s most anticipated new restaurant, Mondiall Kitchen & Bar has opened its doors in the V&A Waterfront. A joint venture between acclaimed Relais & Châteaux Grand Chef Peter Tempelhoff and Restaurateur Patrick Symington of Cape Town’s Café Dharma and Asoka fame, it is a feast for all senses – and set to become the Mother City’s hottest new dining destination and social hub. Mondiall is open seven days a week, offering breakfast, brunch, lunch, tapas, cocktails and dinner in a modern Brasserie style setting.

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"Rocky start to a fantastic evening..."

9.0 Food: 9 Service: 10 Ambience: 8
The evening got off to a rocky start with our reservation not having actually gone through to the restaurant. Despite our confirmation email and sms we arrived at Mondiall to taken aback staff faces and much questioning (we were not the only ones that this had happened too). Fortunately they made a plan, placing us upstairs in their more private tasting area above the main restaurant. Although it was could've been noted that the area was really not a normal dining area (boxes, stationary and various other bits and pieces stacked neatly in the corner) the evening proceeded to get much better. I did unfortunately find a piece of tissue paper in my starter salad, but the food was so good, the atmosphere so great and friendly and my guests were having such a great time that it was of little issue at the time. The remainder of the evening was great. The food was delicious and out waiter, Scott, was absolutely fantastic. I cannot blame Mondaill for the problems around the reservation, but considering the circumstances they dealt with it incredibly well. All waiters and waitresses were friendly, helpful and very professional. The reservation issue did taint the evening for me slightly, but I would not see this as a fault from the restaurants side, and would love to go back there again sometime.
Megan Smith - Monday 03/11/2014

"Mediocre Mondiall"

6.3 Food: 6 Service: 5 Ambience: 8
As this was our first time at Mondiall, we did not know what to expect. With a beautiful setting and great atmosphere, our expectations were quite high. Upon arrival, we were disappointed to find that the menu shown on the Restaurant Week website where we made our booking, differed from the menu at the restaurant especially when we had been looking forward to the Wagyu beef burger (there was no burger on the restaurant menu). We expressed our disappointment to the manager, who was very accommodating and allowed us to have the burger. Service however was very slow, and we only received our starters an hour and a half after arriving. The salad was quite bland, but the tostados were tasty. The pork belly main consisted of 3 tiny pieces with hardly any sides, but was enjoyable. After all the drama surrounding the burger, we found it to be quite dry and disappointing, the fries being the hero, especially as we had to share the fries to make up for the hole left in my belly after the tiny pork belly main. The desserts were nice, but not out of this world. All in all, our Sunday at Mondiall was meodiocre.
Jamie - Monday 03/11/2014

"Underwhelming and Unforgivable Errors"

3.0 Food: 4 Service: 1 Ambience: 4
Our experience was disappointing and not at all what one would expect of Peter Tempelhoff. After being seated and perusing the menu for some time, we ordered. There were two choices for each course. Upon ordering we were then told that one of the two choices for the main dish was not available. We should have been advised of this when we were seated and before we had wasted time making our choices. How can a professional restaurant, participating in restaurant week, run out of one of only two choices on their menu? Surely they keep track of stock and make sure they have enough for the week and re-order if neccessary? We made our choices for starters and for mains. The waiter later came to check on us and told us our food would be arriving now. 20 minutes later, he arrived with our main courses! We told him we hadn't had our starters yet. He said "but the kitchen said the starters have come out already." No apology, it was almost as if he was questioning us?! We said "No, really, we haven't had our starters yet?! You haven't brought them to us." He said "Yes, but we have runners, so someone else could have brought them to you." He told us when he was in the kitchen he was unsure and said he would come and check with us if we had had our starters but the chef advised him that would be unprofessional. So he just brought our mains.(?!!) Its appalling that a waiter should be so intimidated by the kitchen, that he would rather come and embarrass himself in front of guests rather than challenge the kitchen. Surely a waiter keeps track of his tables and should know if a starter has come out and also know if it had been cleared away. So we ate our mains while he went off to sort out our starters. Which arrived after we had finished our main course. To sum up: the food was unexciting, underwhelming, the service was poor and there was the unforgivable mistake by the kitchen of running out of one of the two choices AND then not timeously advising guests of this. I had heard poor reviews from 3 different foodies friends about Mondiall, but I wanted to try it for myself after having enjoyed the Greenhouse so much. Now having been to Mondiall, I can believe that it really is disappointing.
Karli Hattingh - Saturday 01/11/2014


7.3 Food: 8 Service: 6 Ambience: 8
It was our first visit to this restaurant The setting is fabulous and the decor very New York style which we like The place was full so very noisy and hectic So I guess that is why the service was slow-waiter very pleasant but kept disappearing I feel the wait time between starter and mains was far too long The food was amazing - beautiful to look at and tasting very good - the pork belly starter was the highlight We will be back again
Linda Smith - Friday 31/10/2014

"Great experience all the way"

10.0 Food: 10 Service: 10 Ambience: 10
Surprised to read some comments here about the food and service. We enjoyed every moment. The Restaurant Week concept brought us here an d will definitely let us come back more often. Food, service and ambiance all great!
Angelo - Monday 27/10/2014


8.7 Food: 9 Service: 7 Ambience: 10
Great time. The restaurant and beautiful and the food delicious.
Kirenia - Monday 27/10/2014


3.0 Food: 4 Service: 2 Ambience: 3
Upon arrival at the restaurant we were advised that our reservation was cancelled, despite receiving confirmatory messages from both the restaurant itself and Restaurant week. Service was dismal and there was constant shouting from the kitchen for 'pick up' of food. The waitrons are unprofessional and extremely slow! Not what one would expect from a restaurant of this calibre. Food was average. Portion size of the main pork belly was pathetic. Overall, I don't foresee this restaurant lasting for years to come if it doesn't make some vast improvements.
Tamryn - Monday 27/10/2014

"Saturday lunch"

5.0 Food: 5 Service: 4 Ambience: 6
Portion size being too big at a restaurant lacks good taste and class, but your pork belly main that was served to me on Saturday, whilst fantastic, was far too small for a main. The quality of staff (they lack finesse) is preventing Mondial from competing with Cape Town's top restaurant
Wayne - Monday 27/10/2014

"Restarurant with awsome views"

7.3 Food: 7 Service: 7 Ambience: 8
Great setting on waterfront, looking right up to Table Mountain. Good food and nice vibe.
D Smuts - Monday 27/10/2014

"Amazing location but not matched by the food & services"

7.3 Food: 7 Service: 7 Ambience: 8
Great location with a view to beat. On arrival communication regards booking was made difficult by loud music The reservations need attention. The service was quick and fast like a French Brasserie, not what we expected. The Pork Belly starter was excellent but let down by tough Sirloin. The waiter serving the wine was more than helpful by letting us sample two wines before ordering. The restaurant style and space makes it unique.
Andre - Saturday 25/10/2014


9.0 Food: 10 Service: 10 Ambience: 7
Great service by Lee and exquisite,tasty and well presented food. Really a lovely evening.
Larry - Saturday 25/10/2014

"Satisfying Choice"

9.3 Food: 10 Service: 10 Ambience: 8
The food, service, and atmosphere was great. A lovely, relaxing & chic dinner out with the girls for Restaurant Week! Thank you!
Candice Sergeant - Saturday 25/10/2014


8.7 Food: 9 Service: 8 Ambience: 9
We had a great experience and will definitely return with our children and friends!
Angelique and Barry - Tuesday 16/09/2014

"Stunning venue with beautifully presented food"

6.0 Food: 8 Service: 4 Ambience: 6
Set in a breath-taking setting, parading magnificent views of the harbour and Table Mountain, a stunning venue. Our round wooden table was neat and the furnishings comfortable. The cutlery and crockery were perfectly matched and appropriate for fine dining with a practical utility value. The service was good and not intrusive. A waiter brought a board of freshly baked bread with a crispy crust, a small dish of hummus and a tablet of butter. The wine list was good - adequate but not vast and well selected wines. We ordered a carafe of Vondeling Sauvignon Blanc and the combination blend of Boschendal's Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It would have been nice to have had these wines chilled. Instead we ordered some ice and added the ice to our glasses of wine - something that no good wine lover would do, but it was all we could do to cool it down - and the wine stood up to the adulteration. My first course was Seafood Ceviche. It was beautifully served, a great presentation and a delight to eat, consisting of a multitude of flavours. I identified the calamari, mussels and other raw fish. The dressing was tart and the blending of flavours was good with the added flavour of the sesame seed biscuits on the side. The Boschendal blend added to my enjoyment and was a good pairing with the food. The others had a Caesar Salad which was with fresh ingredients and very tasty. The egg (reminiscent of a scotch egg), was a nice touch. It was nice and soft with a runny yolk. The Waldorff Salad looked good but was over salted. My main course was trout (Paisson du Jour). Again the eye appeal was good. I turned the fish over leaving the skin. It was a bit too dry and would have been better if it were hot. I also would have liked a slice of lemon as I had in my previous dish. I thought to myself that the wine was warm and the fish was cold. It should have been the other way around. The other diners ordered Ramen Noodles, Fish & Chips and a Gourmet Hamburger and Chips. The Ramen Noodles consisted of seared tuna, bok choy and mushrooms in a broth with the noodles. This was served in a nicely shaped deep bowl accompanied by chop sticks. It was very different, good - but not wow. The tuna was lovely but the noodles had a strange flavouring. The old fashioned Fish & Chips was a nice piece of Hake and chips which came in a nice shiny copper pan. It really looked good and was enjoyed. The Gourmet Hamburger was served with a plentiful amount of golden brown chips and looked great. I decided against ordering a dessert and ordered a decaffeinated coffee. I was thrilled to get it, not in the usual cup or mug but a beautiful glass of coffee on a nice plate. The coffee was beyond my expectations. It came to the table hot, good looking and very tasty (a great blend of coffee). This and the wine I ordered was the best part of my meal, although I did enjoy the Seafood Ceviche (but it was a bit small). The others ordered Earl Grey Tea, which came in a nice metal Asian type tea pot, and a Cappuccino, which was also served in a thick beautifully shaped glass - looked and tasted good. Overall the service was good and the restaurant was surprisingly quite empty for a Saturday night. So, here's my rating out of 5 stars - 1. Pushing culinary boundaries; tantalizing taste buds - **** 4 stars 2. Gourmet menus with luxury ingredients - *** 3 stars 3. Appetising, fresh and flavourful food - *** 3 stars 4. Ambiance - *** 3 stars 5. Hospitality - ** 2 stars
The Fay Way - Tuesday 17/06/2014

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Mondiall Kitchen & Bar
V&A Waterfront, Alfred Mall
8001 Cape Town
Phone: 021-4183003

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Cuisine International
Modern European
Location V&A Waterfront
Price RRR

Payment options

  • Maestro-SouthAfrica
  • MasterCard-SouthAfrica
  • Visa-SouthAfrica

Opening hours

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday closed 11:30 - 15:00 18:30 - 22:00
Tuesday closed 11:30 - 15:00 18:30 - 22:00
Wednesday closed 11:30 - 15:00 18:30 - 22:00
Thursday closed 11:30 - 15:00 18:30 - 22:00
Friday closed 11:30 - 15:00 18:30 - 22:00
Saturday closed 11:30 - 15:00 18:30 - 22:00
Sunday closed 11:30 - 15:00 18:30 - 22:00