Restaurant Vandiar’s in Cape Town

About Rest Restaurant Vandiar’s

16 Dunkley Square , 8001 Cape Town

Durban’s Finest Curry is mobile, for "curry in a hurry"... in and around CAPE TOWN.
Vandiar's Indian Cuisine for "slow afternoon/evening deliciousness" on Dunkley Square.

An authentic Durban curry spot for ex-Durbanites and lovers of fine curry... in Cape Town.

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":-( on starters... :-) on mains"

food: 7 service: 6 ambience: 8
Had an unpleasant experience with the tasting starters which were raw. The chilli bites mixture was literally running out as most of the centre was uncooked. The meatballs were another disappointment, as they were reddish in the centre and looked clearly raw. I placed it on a plate and politely explained to our waitress what was wrong, and she took it away and said she would tell the chef. She continued to serve us, without mentioning anything further on the matter. Our mains tasting starters arrived which was divine. However when I later asked the waiter what was said about the raw starters, all she could respond with was: The chef said sorry. Really... That was it!! It was never replaced, meaning we paid for something that we actually never got to eat and enjoy. Not very professional at all, and definitely falls short for an establishment in Gardens.


food: 1 service: 1 ambience: 1
Although our reservation was confirmed the Restaurant was closed when we arrived there.


food: 6 service: 4 ambience: 2
Food aceptable. Service appalling. Ambience needs work. Won't be returning.

"Good food, well priced"

food: 8 service: 7 ambience: 8
We had lunch at Vandiar's and enjoyed the food. Its the best curry I had in Cape Town and we loved the tasting menu that allows one to have a go at 4 different curries.

"Decent curry"

food: 8 service: 8 ambience: 10
Great alternative to Bukhara. Ito flavor hard to beat ( lamb roti). My only negative would be that the portions were a bit small . To be fair I can smash half a chicken as a starter. Rad ambiance. V.resonable prices.

"Absolute choas"

food: 8 service: 2 ambience: 6
We arrived at Vandiar's last night to be met with absolute chaos! Even though I had the confirmation email and sms of our reservation, they did not know that we would be attending at all!! After some convincing that we did in fact have a reservation (CFU2BK, they moved some other diners around to create a big enough table for us. They owner eventually came to apologise saying that they thought restaurant week only started the 24th. We ended up ordering from their normal menu and the food was delicious! But saying that, we waited about an hour and a half for our food after ordering. I would not recommend Vandiar's for big groups (we were 9 people).