Restaurant Yamitsuki in Bedfordview

About Rest Restaurant Yamitsuki

55 Van Buuren Road , 2008 Bedfordview

Yamitsuki is defined as a one stop sushi and oriental cuisine restaurant providing fast paced on-the-move lifestyles with the freshest sushi and a healthy meal. Our freshly prepared delicious food is delivered to our customers via sit-down, take away or delivery.

Excellent service is provided in a relaxed dining experience. Our high quality cuisine and clean environment offers a great atmosphere with friendly staff giving our customers a great place to unwind, relax and to enjoy the experience.

Our warm atmosphere and friendly service, combined with great value, offers an experience that becomes addictive. 

Initially our menu’s focus was on Japanese cuisine offering high quality traditional sushi, noodles and teppanyaki dishes.

Over the years of evolving, while keeping a sushi bar focus, other influences such as Thai and Chinese were incorporated into the menu which led to the development of a fusion asian menu, offering a variety of oriental soups, sweet and sour dishes and oriental curries, as well as the noodle and teppanyaki bars.

As our main focus, our sushi bar has the minimalistic traditional Japanese dishes offering timeless perfection, as well as modern American and European influenced sushi dishes.

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"Yummy Yamitsuki"

food: 8 service: 8 ambience: 7
My sister and I enjoyed our lunch at Yamitsuki, Bedfordview. We found the service to be attentive and most caring, particularly as I arrived (and left) on crutches. My sister dropped me off, close to the restaurant's entrance and I managed to negotiate an odd hop over the curb without any further slight to my dignity. There are two parts to the restaurant - the one houses the conveyor section and the other part, the hot grill section where food is seared in front of you. I could see my sister heading off into the wrong section and the waitress noticed and set off to re-direct her. She was courteously escorted back to our table. The restaurant was exceptionally busy, and included a rugby team discussing their tactical defence strategies and other tables spilling out onto the pavement. This proves that Yamitsuki is popular and well-supported. The first order of the day was to order a most delicious bottle of Pinot, the Terra Del Capo- Anton Rupert. My sister had read that it was an excellent pairing wine with sushi, which of course it was. We waited a good 50 minutes for our first course but this was more due to the fact that I had mentioned my severe allergic reaction to shell fish.The poor sushi chef scrubbed his work station down as there must have been a concern that to have a person (on crutches) being ill would not be a pleasant sight and it would not bode well for future reviews. It was well worth the wait and the sushi was fresh, beautifully presented and consisted of caviar roses and salmon/prawn maki. An added touch was the wasabi being presented in a cucumber cut 'flower' which made it easier to manage and it looked good too. The dessert (followed smartly) consisted of a Nutella crepe suzette and was just the right amount of sweetness. It definitely was Nutella as I noticed the chef scrapping out the last bits from the jar. All in all a fabulous lunch and thanks to our waiter (Bright) and his colleagues, who upon witnessing my ungainly entrance, immediately set about providing an additional chair and a soft throw for my injured foot. We even had a little chat with our neighbours and smiled at the Bedfordview Saturday afternoon car show-off display of fancy sports cars revving their engines and roaring off down Van Buuren Road. Well done and thank you Yamitsuki!

"Lovely summer's night out"

food: 8 service: 10 ambience: 8
Excellent service! Great food!